Competitive Sniping Rules

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Competitive Sniping Rules

Post by |i|.NikeZ on Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:51 pm

Competitive Sniping Rules (EU version):

Call of Duty 7 : Black Ops

In BlackOps there is about a 1seccond sway in the scope so you have 0.5 of a seccond to pull the trigger after the sway that equals up to a total of a 1.5 seccond quickscope, anything over that 1.5s is a harscope thats equal to 1 warning.

Guns and attatchments:
- L96A1 (Only)
- Only Extended mags or variable scope are allowed.
- Any camo’s are allowed but gold, woodland or red are best.


Perk 1. Lightweight or Ghost.
Perk 2. Hardened
Perk 3. Ninja or marathon.
-all Pro versions of the above perks are allowed.
(Any perks not listed above = 1 map disqualification for the offending team and 2 disqualifications means the offending team take a 2-0 loss)

Equipment,grenades and sidearms:
It’s called competitive sniping so don’t use any equipment,grenades,sidearms etc. because if you do you will get 1 warning for each time you use an illegal weapon or peice of equipment, 2 warnings = disqualification for that map of the offending team.

Scrims do NOT count to your CM reccord or do they make you better than the team you beat because the beaten team could defeat you in a CM straight after.
Also to take another teams place you need to beat them twice in a CM’s (SCRMS don’t count)

Maps not allowed:
Some teams refuse Nuke town.
(All map pack maps are allowed so far)

Gametypes not allowed:
TDM (Due to camping issues)
Search and Destroy

- For the following rules if there is a * beside a rule then it has been changed from the default settings. If it is not after a rule then there is no change to the default rules -

In-Game Rules (These don't change for any game mode):
- Player Options
Number of Lives: Unlimited
Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
Max Health: 50%
Health Regeneration: Fast
Killcam: Enabled

- Team Options
Spectating: Team Only
Wave Spawn Delay: None
Force Respawn: Enabled
Radar Always On: No
Friendly Fire: Disabled
In game Recording: Enabled

- Gameplay Options
Headshots Only: Disabled
Perks: Enabled
Killstreak Rewards: Disabled
HardCore Mode: Disabled
3rd Person: Disabled

Gametype Rules:

Sabotage Rules:

- Game Rules
Time Limit: 10 Minutes*
Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 5 Seconds*
Defuse Time: 5 Seconds
Shared Bomb Timer: No


- Game Rules
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Score Limit: Unlimited


- Game Rules
Time Limit: Unlimited*
Score Limit: 250 Points
HQ Lifetime: 45 Seconds*
HQ Activate Delay: 15 Seconds*


- Game Rules
Time Limit: Unlimited*
Score Limit: 3 Points*


- Game Rules:
Time Limit: 3 Minutes*
Round Switch: Every Round
Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 5 Seconds
Extra Time: 2 Minutes*

Side Rules:
- No hardscoping (A hardscope is defined as killing someone while holding your breath and/or killing someone while you scope is up for more than 1.5 seconds).
- No Jumpshots (Hardscoping while jumping)
- If a team agrees to a clan match and then leaves in game then it is a win to the team that stays (EQUALS INSTANT 2-0 WIN)
- The first game is hosted by team A then the second by team B, if it goes to a third game then a neutral host must be picked (indiviual who is host can't play)
- If a player commits a kill by any other method rather than a quickscope, it is a warning UNLESS the kill made a MAJOR impact on the gameplay (Then the map will be replayed). The second offense is a automatic forfeit.
- Before any game a lag test must occur (Set up a FFA and let everyone play to determine if the connection is sufficent - if everyone has a 3 bar or higher this is ok)
- In sabotage when the time limit is reached and no winner is found the game is ended and restarted but each team plays on a different side (i.e. play on top team first game, you play on bottom team second game and vice-versa)
- The hosting team picks map and game type first, then it is the oppositions choice, and if it reachs the third game then team A picks map and team B picks game type.
- 2v2's do not count as a clan match, only 3v3's or higher.
- A clan match is counted only if the leaders of both teams are present. If a team has more than one leader, it is still ok as long as at least one is present.
- This is not a rule (it's a guideline) but it should be accepted that clans should offer a re-match to a team if they are asked, allthough this re-match doesn’t have to be played if you choose not to accept.
-DO NOT hate on anybody or any team because you will get a bad rep
(if possible reccord the hate for proof)

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Re: Competitive Sniping Rules

Post by |i|.React on Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:08 pm

These are some pretty legit rules! Black Ops quick scoping is going to be hard!


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Re: Competitive Sniping Rules

Post by |i|.Chau on Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:34 pm

New patch; easier qs i heard

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Re: Competitive Sniping Rules

Post by |i|.NikeZ on Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:35 pm

|i|.Chau wrote:New patch; easier qs i heard

GUnna check if they're going to change the rules with the new patch so yeh. :p

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Re: Competitive Sniping Rules

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